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DSR Rheometer RHEOTEST® RN 5.3

for asphalt testing

  • CR-Tests, CS-Tests, deformations- and shear stress controlled Oscillation Tests
  • scientifical analysis of asphalt binder, pavement and bitumen
  • according to binding standards ASTM, AASHTO, DIN EN, GOST and PNST:





DIN EN                          GOST, PNST

ASTM D4402/D4402M

"Viscosity Determination"




"Viscosity Determination"




DIN EN 13302


DIN EN 13702-1(-2)


DIN EN 14896

GOST 33137-2014




ASTM D7175 "DSR"









DIN EN 14770




PNST 87-2016


PNST 85-2016









"Performance-Graded MSCR"


DIN EN 16659






PNST 88-2016


PNST 82-2016




AASHTO R29   PNST 86-2016



"Fatigue Resistance"



PNST 81-2016




FGSV AL DSR "Prüfung"

(konstante Scherrate)




rheological tests

from rotation (CS-/CS-Tests) up to the oscillation (OSC-Tests) feasible

allround              temperature control

dry temperature control by Peltier technique

temperature range:

-10°C ... +150°C

automatic gap control

variably adjustable working range for filling, trimming and tempering of samples and cleaning of measuring system

Normal force measurement

Normal force for automatic determination of zero point and measuring gap


limitation of the contact force for preventing of structural damages in the bitumen sample


easy handling

exchangeable measuring system for convenient sample loading and cleaning of the measuring system

non-susceptible measuring precision

thanks to the proven high-precision ball-bearing drive the RN 5.3 is unbeatable in its robustness


the RN 5.3 also has proven beyond cleanroom conditions and operates reliably in harsh environments

practical software

predefined jobs for standard test methods for automatic test execution


test methods include Original Binder, RTFO and PAV (both grading and verification)


Grade Determination and Pass/Fail decision


classification of Bitumen (Performance Grade)


all data are available as report with table and diagram and are exportable as required

experienced measuring flow

accessories for standardized sample preparation



DSR Rheometer DSR Rheometer measuring place RHEOTEST® RN 5.3

our advantage - your added value

proven technique

The company RHEOTEST has tradition: for over 90 years, viscometer and rheometer were developed, manufactured and sold worldwide at Medingen. Quality made in Germany - rheometer and viscometer from RHEOTEST Medingen are reliable, easy to use and have a long life.


well-thought-out construction

The compact design of the RN 5.3 also allows an use in harsh environments - beyond clean room

conditions. The RHEOTEST® RN 5.3 also enables a longer-term investment strategy and adapting to new or changed rheological tasks. Thus, the RHEOTEST® RN 5.3 can be extended by optional accessories (such as cylinder measuring systems, ...). This advantage makes the RHEOTEST® RN 5 to an universal rheometer, both for the advanced quality control as well as for universities and colleges.



Measurement precision and convenient handling, combined with an affordable purchase price, are further advantages of DSR Bitumenrheometer RHEOTEST® RN 5.3. Clearly calculable costs: We deliver a complete measuring place including Peltier temperature control, the required measurement systems, software and accessories - for immediate use!

technical specifications

torque 0,1 to 150 mNm
torque resolution 0,002 mNm
speed 0 ... 2000 rpm
speed resolution 0,015 rpm
viscosity range 1 … 3 x 109 mPas
complex modul, total 0,1 … 4 x 106 kPa
phase angle range 0 … 90°
frequency 0,001 ... 100 Hz
normal force range -30 … 30 N
normal force resolution 0,01 N
temperature range, Peltier -5 … +120°C
automatic gap setting yes
gap resolution

1 μm


USB 2.0

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